T I C   D E F E N S E



It is a Cyber Threat Intelligence platform that allows Security Operations Centers and Security Administrators to prevent the most sophisticated cyber-attacks, through predictive methods, cognitive analysis and a base of more than 7 million Indicators of Commitment, with close collaboration with CERTs and specialized cybersecurity departments internationally.

It is the only endpoint protection product that combines prevention, detection, and response in a single autonomous agent. It is easy to use, designed to provide speed and stops threats in the early stages of the attack, prevents attacks against: ransomware, malware, phishing, vulnerability, Reflex custom prevention and fileless attacks.

Easily incorporate diverse data to eliminate blind spots. Reveal threats with predesigned anomaly detection jobs and detection rules. Accelerate response with a powerful embedded research and case management UI, explore unknown threats exposed by machine learning-based anomaly detection, providing threat hunters with evidence-based assumptions.

Platform that monitors millions of Dark Web’s restricted channels, to access and automate the collection and alerting of information about your organization, employees, and customers.

Analysis platform for millions of domains of web pages, social networks, forums, commerce sites and electronic auctions, with the objective of identifying possible abuses of corporate identity.

Real-time analysis platform of the degree of public exposure that allows identifying the level of risks, potential threats and vulnerabilities that can be exploited, of which the organization is exposed from the Internet.

Virtual Academy with a large collection of content produced and designed for different career plans according to the information security profiles, considering the operational, tactical, and strategic part.

Organizational awareness in cybersecurity, social engineering testing and simulations, and training for the entire organization.

Cyber Incident Management Platform, which allows monitoring, prioritization of care, knowledge base and advanced reports on cyber incidents.

Platform that centralizes the management of corporate governance, risks, and regulatory compliance, with flexible workflows and different scoreboards, which allow the Organization to reduce its risks and prepare its response plans.

Personal risk analysis platform that allows cheated detection, through an accurate and reliable diagnosis in an efficient and non-invasive way, integrating multiple technologies such as the eye tracking sensor, electrodermal activity sensor and photoplethysmography

Platform that analyzes in open sources OSINT and Dark Web the digital footprint of people, looking for risk factors for organizations regarding unethical or non-professional conduct according to the profile of the position that the person may have in the digital environment.